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Handmade Montessori toys

When it comes to innovative Montessori toys for children, that would be both educative and fun Indigovento comes one step further, presenting a fantastic range of Montessori toys to be utilized with Montessori learning method. Their aim is not to absorb knowledge through the correct usage, but rather, unconventionaly to assist the child’s mind building and mental development, by providing the stimuli to capture undivided attention and initiate deep concentration. The Montessori Method of learning stems from Dr. Maria Montessori, a famous educator who invented the system aiding spontaneous learning, freedom to invent and innovate, the idea that is close one for Indigovento.The Montessori Method is based on the observation that children learn best when the environment supports their natural desire to acquire certain skills and knowledge. Our offer ranges from Montessori toys such as Screwdriving board, but also wooden games, wooden mazes, wooden cipher, escape room props and many more. Our tools enhance and bring learning to another level, by “opening the brain” which allow better understanding of sciences, math, development of skills such as drawing, writing or spatial thinking, in the latter ages. Treating it as an investment in child’s future, Indigovento opens up possibilities to order larger quantities and customized Montessori toys and games, to suit your unique needs. Whether it is for needs or business, we can produce the educational tools you have been dreaming of, making your child a Happy inventor of bright future. Please do not hesitate to contact us to gain access to the tools for the super-effective learning method that’s gained enormous popularity and followers in the last years. Our Montessori toys are made of high quality wood and handcrafted with attention to details, all come with solid packaging and with quality guarantee, making it a perfect gift for your children.