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Escape room

Escape rooms were invented in late 80’s first as a computer game, where virtually players re locked in a room, and in order to get out they need to investigate clues, go through mazes, solve riddles and puzzles. In escape room game time is limited, which is adding flavour and tension to it, as players strive to finish the game on time, otherwise it is lost. The first computer games were text games, and the play was imaginary, but it quickly turned very popular and was perfected- as computers became more powerful and with better graphics. Finally the game came alive with real escape rooms being prepared to play in real life, starting from Japan by 35-year old Takao Kato and quickly spreading through Asia to America and Europe. Escape rooms are gaining more popularity in larger cities, along with paintball, laser tags etc. They use various props in order to create riddles, puzzles and clues.

Indigovento is fulfilling the demand by producing excellent quality escape room equipment, our specialty are top quality wooden mazes, but we also offer an array of other products such as Enigma Machines,  Puzzles, Secret Messages, Cipher Wheels, Synergy Sets, Escape Room Mazes, Puzzle Boxes, Lobby Puzzles. All our products are of excellent quality wood, and will be perfect for this special niche. If you have something one-of-a-kind on your mind, that is not included in our offer, please do not hesitate to contact us, as we also make customized escape room equipment. We will be more than happy to discuss any new ideas and projects. We can engrave or mill your logo on our escape room equipment to add further personalisation. All our products come in solid boxes and with no-fuss guarantee, making it your first choice for escape room equipment for your business.